Rachel Harvey

Rachel Harvey


Entrepreneur and former fashion model with a profound love of learning, Rachel Harvey has bootstrapped her successful Ad agency and training business to dizzying heights! Over the past decade, she has developed multiple brands in the education, eCommerce and social media marketing sectors.

Rachel has two degrees with distinctions in teaching and education and has successfully transitioned her classroom teaching skills to helping others learn how to strategically manage their social media platforms. Having trained with some of the top global Facebook experts in the arena, today she runs The Big Impression, a specialist Facebook Ads agency which manages paid advertising for e-Commerce businesses, achieving staggering ROIs of 945%!

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and single-minded about success, she is passionate about helping her clients birth their dreams and leveraging their businesses to a new level.

Away from the world of business and her beloved statistics, Rachel loves spending time with her son Aaron who is a chip off the entrepreneurial block! At only 19 years of age, he’s got multiple business ideas in the pipeline, including a joint venture with his mum! Rachel is also a self-confessed cat lady and a lover of shoes with red soles! Fun fact: Rachel appeared in the film Fifth Element which starred Bruce Willis, as one of the air hostesses. If you’re of a certain age you may remember them!